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Lumatek 1000 Watt Electronic Ballast Dual Voltage
Lumatek 1000 Watt Electronic Ballast Dual Voltage
Not just your standard eballast the new Dial-A-Watt Lumateks have advanced dimming capabilities and are able to power different wattage lamps on the same ballast making them the most versatile ballasts available. The 5th generation Lumatek ballasts produce the highest operating frequency of any eBallast on the market today and offer unmatched performance. Now you can dim your lamps which can be a great way to deal with heat issues in your garden and to help control your electricity bill. You can also use different wattage lamps by setting the dial on the ballast to the desired output power and putting in the proper wattage lamp. Note that both the input and output power of the ballast is changed when you select different settings.

For example when you set the dial to 400W on a 600W Dial-A-Watt Lumatek the ballast performs exactly the same as a regular 400W Lumatek ballast.  This a great feature for gardeners that want to use a 400W MH lamp for the vegetative phase of growth and then switch over to a 600W HPS lamp when it’s time to bloom. 

Lumatek  makes  the  only  dual-voltage  eBallast  available  that  produces  the  same  lamp  power when used on 120V or 240V.
This is a major advantage considering that a typical dual-voltage eBallast  losses  as  much  as  15%  of  its  output  when  used  on  120V. 
All  Lumatek  models  are generator ready and are capable of being used on 208V three-phase power. 

Lumatek  has been a long standing pioneer in creating innovative lighting technologies for the indoor gardening industry.
Lumatek offers the most complete  line of dimmable multi-wattage ballasts  on  the  market. 
Sold  in  more  than  40  countries  Lumatek  is  the  world’s  number  one selling ballast.  

Lumatek 240V 600 Watt Electronic Ballasts burned the 2 test bulbs we tried visibly brighter to the eye than a regular coil/core ballast!

Why choose a Lumatek Electronic ballast over a core-and-coil (magnetic) ballast?
- Fast start-up ...It reaches full brightness in under one minute; magnetic ballasts typically take about twenty minutes
- Completely silent have to put your ear up to the ballast before you can detect the slightest sound
- Small compact design ...600watt ballast weighs less than 4.5 kilos compared to almost 20 kilos for magnetic ballasts.
- Produce less heat
- Cut-off circuitry ...Automatic cut off when a short is detected. For ultimate safety.
- Longer bulb life...Lumen output loss over time is dramatically less than with magnetic ballasts
- Fully interchangeable ...Lumatek ballasts can light both HPS and MH bulbs

More lumen output...20%-30% more lumens output...More light equals more yield

There are no fans to break down or make noise; fan cooled ballast's have a very high failure rate. Lumatek ballasts are very, very reliable. Which is why we offer the excellent warranty.

The ballast can be mounted in areas of high heat. Up to 140° Farenheit.

- Every Lumatek ballast is burned for 12 hours at the factory
- Excellent three year, full exchange warranty
- Lumatek ballasts are 8% brighter than ROM and future ballasts
- No fans to break down after 1 or 2 years
- Safer - The Lumatek ballast is completely sealed from the inside

This ballast will run a HPS or MH 1000 watt Bulb
When Selector switch is set to 750 it will run a 750 watt HPS bulb
When Selector switch is set to 600 it will run a 600 watt HPS bulb or MH bulb

The Dual Voltage Ballast comes with a 120 volt power cord ( regular 3 prong)
If you need a 240 volt plug instead let us know

All Our Ballasts come with a 15' Bare Ended Lampcord !
Most companies add $25 for this 


Price: 259.00 US$

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